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Winter Emergency Car Kit

Winter Road

It’s that time of year for winter to be on its way, so it’s important for Watertown-area drivers to be prepared for hazardous weather and road conditions with a winter emergency car kit. The team at Brookings Auto Mall has put together a guide for the essential items that should be in your vehicle’s winter car safety kit, so you are prepared to trek the icy roads. Do you have questions about other ways you can prepare your vehicle for winter? Contact the experts in our service center.



Best Car Emergency Kit Items

At Brookings Auto Mall, we want to make sure Brookings drivers are prepared with the best car emergency kit items that will help them in unpredictable weather. Roadside assistance is an essential tool for drivers today, but in the event that the vehicle is stranded or breaks down with no immediate help, peace of mind comes with being ready. Our service center recommends these times in a winter emergency car kit:

  • Battery cables: Learn how to properly jumpstart a car.
  • Ice scraper
  • Portable shovel
  • Items to help when stranded: flashlight, warning signaling cones, backup batteries, safety vest, and roadside triangles.
  • Basic first-aid kit
  • Cell phone charger
  • Camera
  • Flat tire kit
  • Common winter items: gloves, blanket, rain poncho, rags, boots, socks, a hat. Pack anything to keep you warm if you get stranded during a snowstorm. 

Emergency Tool Kit for Cars: Extended Travel

With winter comes the holiday season and traveling to see the family. For those planning on traveling far outside Mitchell this winter should have these items in their emergency tool kit for their car.

  • Tow strap: This is useful when the vehicle gets stuck in a ditch and another vehicle is available to help tow it out. The vehicle’s owner’s manual will have the proper steps for using a tow strap. 
  • Fire extinguisher: Be prepared in the event of a small fire and purchase a fire extinguisher intended for automotive use. 
  • Long-lasting food and water: What’s a trip without snacks? For long trips, make sure to pack non-perishable food and bottled water. Granola, protein bars, and packaged water can stay in the vehicle for about six months before they need replacing.

Note: If you are stranded on the side of the road in inclement weather, never leave your vehicle and go off on your own. It’s important to stay inside or near the vehicle as emergency responders will be able to find your vehicle easier in the heavy weather. Stay safe until help arrives with an emergency tool kit for your car.

Build Your Winter Car Safety Kit with Brookings Auto Mall! 

Now that you know what should go in your winter care safety kit, stop into the parts center at Brookings Auto Mall for your essential kit items. Whether you need wiper blades, batteries, or tires, we have what you need for your preparation and DIY car care. If you are interested in other service tips and tricks, check out our other guides when you contact us!


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