How to Clean Car Floor Mats

Removing floor mats

Car floor mats take a beating protecting your vehicle’s interior from mud, dirt, moisture, and spills in Watertown. Every so often, it’s a good idea to give them a good cleaning to help keep your cabin clean. Whether your car has rubber or carpet mats, learn how to clean car floor mats the proper way with this guide from the Brookings Auto Mall service center.



Car Floor Mat Cleaning Supplies

Before we go over how to clean rubber floor mats, we’ll take a minute to talk about the supplies you’re going to need for the job. The needed supplies and cleaning agents will differ depending on whether you’re learning how to clean rubber floor mats or carpet mats:

If you’re learning how to clean rubber floor mats:

  • Handheld vacuum cleaner
  • Rubber floor mat cleanser
  • Stiff-bristled brush
  • Hose or bucket of water
  • Microfiber towel for drying, or a place to hang-dry

If you’re learning how to clean carpet floor mats:

  • Vacuum
  • Carpet floor mat cleaner
  • Cleaning brush
  • Hose or bucket of water
  • Wet vac for drying, or a place to hang-dry

How to Clean Rubber Floor Mats

Sturdy rubber floor mats are a smart addition to your vehicle’s interior, whether you like to go off-road or are looking to protect your cabin from Brookings’s snow and rain. Follow these steps for how to clean rubber floor mats:

  1. To avoid damaging your vehicle’s interior with water during cleaning, remove the floor mats from your vehicle.
  2. Give them a good shake and vacuum up any debris still clinging to the surface.
  3. Rinse the mats with clean water. 
  4. Using a rubber mat cleanser, gently scrub the mats with your stiff-bristled brush.
  5. Rinse the mats clean once again.
  6. To finish, dry the mats with a microfiber towel or hang to air-dry. To prevent mold growth, make sure the mats are completely dry before putting them back inside the vehicle.

How to Clean Carpet Floor Mats

The cleaning process is a bit different if your vehicle has carpet floor mats — but just as simple! Here’s how to clean car floor mats with carpet upholstery:

  1. Remove the carpet mats from your car prior to cleaning.
  2. Vacuum the mats, and then whack against a hard surface to shake out smaller dirt particles. 
  3. Apply a carpet floor mat cleaning solution according to the directions on the bottle.
  4. Scrub out stains and ground-in dirt with your cleaning brush.
  5. Rinse the mats thoroughly.
  6. If you have one, use a wet vac on the mats while they’re still wet. This will reduce drying time and remove even more dirt.
  7. Last, hang the mats out to dry and wait until they’re completely dry to return them to the vehicle.

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Learning how to clean car mats is just one way to keep your car in tip-top condition between scheduled service appointments. Whether you’re changing a brake light or removing a battery, don’t hesitate to contact our expert technicians or visit our service center near Mitchell!


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