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Vehicle Brake Light

How to Change a Brake Light

A brake light burning out every so often is to be expected. Everytime you slow down or stop your car, your brake lights are constantly turning on in Watertown. Knowing how to change a brake light is a simple job that anyone can do at home. Learn how to replace a brake light with this guide from the service team at Brookings Auto Mall. Then, don’t forget to check out our other service tips and learn why OEM Chevrolet parts are more beneficial than aftermarket parts when you decide to upgrade or customize your vehicle in Brookings.

How to Replace a Brake Light: Step-by-Step

Even though you can schedule a service appointment at Brookings Auto Mall, knowing how to replace a brake light is a simple task. To learn how, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  • Correct Bulb: First, find the right size bulb for your brake light. Check your owner’s manual to find the correct bulb size and voltage you need for your car. A Chevy Silverado might require a different bulb than a Chevy Malibu. Contact our parts department if you have any questions!
  • Remove Tail Light: After you’ve gotten the correct replacement bulb for your brake light, you’ll need to remove the tail light housing, which is the colored lens that protects the bulb. All you’ll need is a Phillips-head screwdriver. Once the cover is off, remove the burned out bulb.
  • Replace bulb: Before you install the new bulb, if possible, apply a bit of dielectric grease to the end. This prevents corrosion and rust and makes removing the bulb when it burns out easier. Install the new bulb and reattach the taillight housing before continuing your safe travels on Mitchell!

For more brake service tips like how long brakes last and more, visit Brookings Auto Mall.

Schedule a Service Appointment at Brookings Auto Mall

Now that you know how to replace a brake light, contact us at Brookings Auto Mall with any questions! Looking for a new car? Visit us in Brookings and test drive a Chevy model from our inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles. Our finance team can help you find the financing or leasing you need within your budget. Apply for financing online and get pre-approved today!

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