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If you’re in the Watertown area and are unsure of what your financing options are, then you can put your worries at ease. Whether you want to get a new car loan or finance a used car, you’ll be able to get the vehicle you want with confidence and security. We have finance offers on GMC vehicles as well as vehicles of all makes and models. If you want to trade your car, you can use our trade-in tool to help you determine the trade-in value of your car. We’re here to help you get the most out of your car buying experience.

Financing vs. Leasing

Buick finance offers aren’t helpful if you don’t understand what financing is, and the same applies to leasing. But what is the difference between car leasing and auto loan financing? When you finance an auto loan, you are borrowing a sum of money that you will pay back in monthly installments or payments. When you lease a car, you are essentially paying to “rent” the car for a certain amount of time, but you don’t technically own the car. Here are some aspects of both options for Madison drivers to consider:


  • When you finance, you own the car
  • You save more money in the long run, so this is better if you plan on driving the car for a long time
  • You can trade in the car since you own it
  • You can sell the car whenever you want


  • You have lower monthly payments with leasing
  • This a better option if you only plan on driving the car for 2-3 years, since leasing periods usually only last about this long
  • You are under the vehicle’s factory warranty, which means inexpensive repair costs
  • Leasing is usually an overall cheaper option than financing

Whether you choose new and used car finance or leasing, the main concern is how long you plan on having the car. If you only see yourself driving the car for a few years, then maybe you should consider car leasing. If you can see yourself driving the car in Arlington for a long time, then auto loan financing may be the better option. Whichever option you choose, you can find out exactly what you will pay each month with our payment calculator.

Explore Your Financing Options at Brookings Auto Mall

Whether you want Chevy finance offers or are looking to trade your car in, you can make all of your financial decisions without having to worry about any surprises at Brookings Auto Mall. We have ongoing new Buick finance offers and rotating new and used vehicle specials.

If you’re unsure about your credit score, you can be certain where you stand with our credit score estimator. Get the auto loan financing or car leasing assistance you need with Brookings Auto Mall. Let us help you get new or used car finance options. We'd be happy to walk you through our Chevy, Buick, and GMC finance offers!